logistics solutions

storage and transport

No specialized segment farm

with all required certifications

by regulators.

more flexible designs

customized to your needs


A segment that requires expertise. With great experience in the pharmaceutical industry, a 2 Alliances prioritizes the needs of its customers.



Technology, humidity and temperature control, cold rooms and licenses of ANVISA.


Customized solutions

A 2 Alliances is the right partner for companies who need specific care logistics, storage and transport of its products.



Custom solution

A 2 Alliances developed a project with custom solutions, leveraging its expertise in logistics operations segment.


Expertise in seasonal operation

A 2 Alliances served with excellent service, ensuring the correct storage and picking of thousands of Easter eggs with quality and speed.





"All brands, and names mentioned herein signs are property of their respective owners and used only for reference purposes. A 2 Alliances is not affiliated these companies and only provides services for holders of such marks, names and signs ".